High speed automatic L sealer and shrink tunnel

DQL5545G High speed automatic L sealer & DSC4525 Shrink Tunnel

Automatic L sealer and shrink tunnel

DQL5545 High speed automatic L sealer & BS-D4520 Shrink Tunnel

Hi Speed automatic side sealer

DQL4518 High Speed Automatic Side Sealer & DSC4521L Shrink Tunnel 

Automatic side sealer and shrink tunnel

DQL6025 Automatic Side Sealer & BSE6025T Shrink Tunnel

The side sealer operates similarly as the QL-5545 above. The difference being that on this machine the boxes/product can be of random lengths. The machine is ideal for packing photo frames, aluminium plates, plastic piping, cornicing, skirting boards,  wood products etc. The ideal shrink tunnel for the side sealer has an advanced hot air circulation system for superior shrinking results and the speed of the conveyor can be set to the appropriate speed for the line.



Model DQL5545 DQL5545G BS-D4520 DQL4518G DSC4525L DQL6025 BSE6025T
Max Packing Size mm L+2H<550, W+2H<450, H<130 W450xH200 L: ∞ ,W+2H<450, H<150​ W450xH150 L: ∞ ,W+2H<600, H<200​ W600xH200
Max Sealing Size mm L550xW450 / W450 / W600 /
Power (Kw) 1.30 13 1.40 11.70 2 20
Capacity 0-16m/min 0-24m/min 0-16m/min 0-24m/min 0-16m/min
Voltage 220v 50/60Hz 380V 50/60Hz 220V 50/60Hz 380V 50/60Hz 220v 50/60Hz 380V 50/60Hz
Sealing Temperature 180 – 250 °C Depends on thickness of film and environment temperature
Thickness of Film 0.015 – 0.10
Air Pressure (Kg/cm2) 5
Packing Material POF, PVC

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