Cardboard shreding machine

Recycle your old cardboard boxes with this machine, the shredded product can be used as a filler or cushioning material for the packaging of delicate products such as:

  • Precision Instruments
  • Electrical Goods
  • Glass
  • Furniture
  • and other products


  • Enviromently Friendly – By using old boxes ensuring no waste
  • Micro Computer controlled with automatic cutting board
  • High quality and economical
  • As can be seen from the diagrams the shredded product can be a net or strips, this are different machines but similarly priced.
  • Voltage requirements can be customised according to customer.



Model SL-325 SL-425
Input Thickness 20mm 20mm
Shredding Shape 5 x 60mm (or 5mm strips) 5 x 10mm (or 5 or 3mm strips)
Thickness of shredding 3-5 layers corrugated (20-40 pieces A4/70g paper) 5-7 layers corrugated (20-40 pieces A4/70g paper)
Shredding Speed 12M/min 12M/min
Noise 60db 60db
Voltage 220v/50hz 380V/50Hz
Power 1.8kw 2.2kw
Machine Size (L W H 500*155*800mm 700*680*970mm