Round bottle labelling machine

MT-50 Round Bottle Label Machine

Bottle labelling machine with coding

MT-50C Round Bottle Label Machine with Coding


MT-60 Flat Label Machine

MT-60C Flat label printer

MT-60C Flat Label Machine with Coding

AR50 Automatic round bottle labelling machine

AR50 Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Double side labelling

AD60 Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine

Model MT50 / MT50C MT60 / MT60C AR50 AD-60
Voltage 220v 50 hz / 110v 60Hz
Power 120W 220W` 800W 3000W
Label Speed 10 – 40 pcs/Min 10 – 60 pcs/Min
Label Accuracy +/-  0.5mm According to Bottle
Label Roll Inner Diameter >75mm 75mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter <250mm 260mm
Product Size Φ 20-120mm Φ 30-100mm
Size of Label <W150 x L230 <W120 x L80 Min 30 x 20, Max 200 x 150 Min 30 x 20, Max 200 x 180
Machine Size (mm) 650 x 450 x 450 650 x 450 x 650 2000 x 800 x 1350 2500 x 1600 x 1600
Gross Weight 25kg 35kg 150kg 280kg

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