BSE4535/BSE5038/BSE6040 PE Film Shrink Packaging Machine

  • Works with all kinds of shrink film.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • Top, bottom & side heating.
  • Variable speed belt conveyor.
  • Roller or Net conveyor belt options.
  • High power double fan motor, ensures enough air circulation.
  • Reinforced conveyor motor to ensure steady transport.
  • Suoer strong cooling system to ensure perfect shape after heat shrinking.
  • Solid coveyory belt rollers coated with silica gel to bear heavy objects and mimise damage and wear.
BSE5040A Film shrink packaging machine

BSE5040A/BSE6040A PE Film Shrink Packaging MAchine (Hot air circulation, jet model)



Model BSE4535 BSE5038 BSE6040 BSE5040A BSE6040A
Power Supply 3 Phase 220V, 380 – 460V, 50/60Hz
Heater Power 20kw adjustable 20kw adjustable 26kw adjustable 20kw 28kw
Conveyor Speed 0 – 10m/sec 0 – 10m/sec 0 – 10m/sec 0 – 10m/sec 0 – 10m/sec
Tunnel Size 1200 x 450  x 350mm 1200 x 500  x 380mm 1800 x 600  x 400mm 1500 x 500  x 460mm 1500 x 600  x 460mm
Conveyor Loading 25kg Max. 25kg Max. 25kg Max. 30kg Max. 30kg Max.
Machine Weight 220kgs 250kgs 285kgs 470kgs 500kgs
Machine Size 2200x730x1440mm 2200x780x1470mm 2800x880x1570mm 2500x820x1680mm 2500x920x1680mm
Shrink Film PE, POF, PVC, PP


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