ZY Series liquid filler

DQL5545G High speed automatic L sealer & DSC4525 Shrink Tunnel

GT Series paste filler

DQL5545 High speed automatic L sealer & BS-D4520 Shrink Tunnel

Application: Water, Shampoo, Dishwashing liquid, Yoghurt, Oil, Tomato Sauce, Fruit, Jam etc.
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in conjunction with touch screen operation ensures the piston pump filling systemperforms consistently.
PLunge filling systemfor foam liquids such as shampoo


Items ZY-2 ZY-4 ZY-6 ZY-8 GT-2 GT-4 GT-6 GT-8
Filling Product Liquid; Water Semi-fluid; Paste
Filling Nozzles 2 4 6 8 2 4 6 8
Ideal Filling Range 20-100ml\50-250ml\100-500ml\200-1000ml\500-2500ml\1000-5000ml
Filling Speed (1000ml) 480BPH 960BPH 1440BPH 1920BPH 480BPH 960BPH 1440BPH 1920BPH
Filling Precision 20-1000ml < +/- 1%, 1000-5000ml < =/- 0.5%
Air Consumption 0.17m3/min 0.25m3/min 0.25m3/min 0.36m3/min 0.17m3/min 0.25m3/min 0.25m3/min 0.36m3/min
Power Supply 220 – 240 v 50Hz
Power Consumption 0.75kw 1kw 1kw 1kw 0.75kw 1kw 1kw 1kw

Automatic Capping Machine

Capper (plastic caps)

YQX-1 Capper (Plastic Cap)

Capper (Sport Cap)

YQZ-1 Capper (Sports Cap)

Capper (Aluminium caps)

FXZ-1 Capper (Sports Aluminium)

Model YQX-1 YQZ-1 FXZ-1
Cap Type Plastic Screwcap Sport Cap ROPP Cap
Capping Head 1 Head
Capacity 2000 bottles/hour
Diameter of Bottle ⌀ 50-100mm (Bottle can be round or flat)
Height of Bottle 100-350mm
Cap Size ⌀ 20-35mm
Power 0.75kw 0.87kw 0.87kw
Machine Size 940 x 690 x 2000mm 1250 x 690 x 2000mm 1250 x 690 x 2000mm
Machine Weight 350kg 380kg 380kg

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