DW-5L Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

  • The DFC-5L filling and capping machine is a 2 in 1 equipment which is specially designed for big volume bottles from 3 – 5 Litres.
  • Omron PLC easy to use and equipped with a text screen to access the control panel.
  • A shut off nozzle with a balance returne serves to prevent bubble formation during the filling process.
  • All parts that are in contact with the filling material are made of stainless steel 304L to meet GMP standards

DFC-5L Automatic Filling & Capping Machine

Model DW-%l DFC-5L
Capacity 800-1500BPH 800-1500BPH
Filling Position 4 4
Volume of Bottle 3-5L 3-5L
Capping Head 1 1
Power 0.75kw 220/380V
Air Source Supply 400L/min 8 bar 600 L/min 8 Bar
5 gallon bottle wash

5 gallon wash-fill-cap Machine

This machine is easy to use using PLC technology, designed for washing and filling large bottles.

The machine made is made of stainless to enasure healthy standards of food.

Sample Bottle


Model QGF-100 QGF-150 QGF-240
Filling Volume 5 gallon 5 gallon 5 gallon
Barrel Sizes 276 x 496mm 276 x 496mm 276 x 496mm
Production Capacity 100 BPH 120 BPH 200 BPH
Power 2kw 220v 50Hz 2.5kw 220v 50Hz 3kw 220v 50Hz
Air Source Supply 400L/min 0.6Mpa 400L/min 0.6Mpa 400L/min 0.6Mpa

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