High speed automatic L sealer and shrink tunnel

All-in-one reverse osmosis pure water machine

All in one ultra filtration

All-in-one, Ultra-filtration, Mineral Water Machine

Reverse Osmosis

The pure water production line is composed of of a sand filter, carbon filter, ion-exchanger, reverse osmosis and ozone generator. It is the ideal equipment for pure water production. Simple techniques allow for high water quality, ease of operation and maintenance.


Model P-RO-0.5 P-RO-1 P-RO-2 P-RO-3 P-RO-5 P-RO-10
Capacity 500L/hour 1000L/hour 2000L/hour 3000L/hour 5000L/hour 10000L/hour
Pre-filter Capacity 1000L/hour 2000L/hour 3000L/hour 5000L/hour 7000L/hour 12000L/hour
Ozone Generator 3.50g/H 3.50g/H 6g/H 10g/H 15g/H 15g/H
Storage water tank

Storage Water Tank (Single Jacket)

Heating tank, steam triple jacket

Heating Tank (Steam, 3 jacket)

Mixing tank, open lid, single jacket

Mixing Tank (Open lid, single jacket)

Mixing tank, full seal, single jacket

Mixing Tank (Full seal, single jacket)

Heat-cool tank, mixing, triple jacket

Heat-Cool Tank (Mixing, triple jacket)

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