GP100L Luggage Wrapper

GP1000L Luggage Wrapper

GP1000L Luggage wrapper is designed to wrap luggage and other similar related items in and around the airport setting.

The Film provides the wrap support to luggage while it is being transported, it also helps protect the bags from damage, tampering or abuse and possible interfering.

The machine is lightweight & easy move which allows for easy and convenient setup and flexibility of area.

To run the operator places the luggage on the platform and adjusts the vertical rods to secure the bag. This is done according to the luggage’s size.

The wrapping process starts when the operator presses the start button on control panel. At this point the luggage will then be wrapped 3 to 5 layers with the installed stretch film as required.

The operator will then cut the film tail and remove the bag from the turntable and repeat the process for the next bag.

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Wrap size(L×W×H400-1200)×(180-400)×(300-600)mm
Machine Size (LxWxH)1595×600×1194mm
Power Voltage220 VAC
Total Weight200kg
Wrap Efficiency20-40 Pallets/Hour
Film CarriagePower pre-Stretch system up to 350% with adjustable speed
Hi Speed automatic side sealer
GP1650E Stretch Wrap Machine

GP200P Stretch Wrap Machine

  • PLC Control.
  • Photo-eye auto-height sensing pallet height.
  • Pre-stretch device feeding film automatically.
  • Pre-stretch can reach 250% to reduce film consumption.
  • Seperate top, bottom and up-down wrap counter options.
  • Film tension control adjustment on the panel.
  • Variable turntable speed, carriage up-down speed control.
  • Manual/Automatic exchangeable.

This pallet wrapper is the most popular and used pallet wrapper in the market. It is very easy to use, strong and reliable but most of all designed for the South African market.

Top plate is optional and can be specially designed for holding an unstable product.
Ramp is optional and specially designed for easy loading a pallet on the turntable.


Model TP1650F GP1650E GP1650P
Wrapping Size (mm) L500-1100mm x W500-1200mm L500-1200mm x W500-1200mm L500-1200mm x W500-1200mm
Turntable Diameter ⌀1650mm (⌀1550mm - ⌀1800mm) ⌀1650mm ⌀1650mm
Turntable Height 85mm 78mm 78mm
Turntable Speed 1 - 12rpm 0 - 12rpm adjustable 0 - 12rpm adjustable
Turntable Loading Weight 2000kg 2000kg 2000kg
Wrapping Height 1000 - 1800mm L type:1800mm H type:2400mm Y type:2800mm L type:1800mm H type:2400mm Y type:2800mm
Stretch System 250 - 400% pre-stretch rate
Power Supply 220V 1.5kw 220V 1.5kw Turntable:0.75kw Film carriage:0.35kw Lift system: 0.37kw`/AC220V
Machine Weight 700kgs 700kgs 700kgs
Optional Ramp/Top plate/2400-3000mm height/3 tons
Machine Size 2745×1650×(2270-2870)mm 2745×1650×(2270-2870)mm
Film Carriage Film carriage with Mechanical brake (variable film tension control) Power pre-stretch system up to 350% with adjustbale speed
Lift System Double chain structure,lift speed adjustable, PLC control,wrap layers adjustable Double chain structure,lift speed adjustable, PLC control,wrap layers adjustable
Control System Turntable automatic reset,photo-eyes auto-height sensing Turntable automatic reset,photo-eyes auto-height sensing
GP1800R Semi-Automaic Rotary Arm Wrap Machine

GP1800R Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Wrap Machine

ET1800R is a Semi-Automatic Rotary arm stretch wrapper machine that uses a large arm that rotates around the load without touching the pallet. This specially designed unit is ideal for very unstable, extremely high or extremely heavy load products.

The pallet can then be placed on the floor under the pallet wrapper rotating arm and allowing the machine to wrap the stationary pallet in place.  

Wrap Size (L X W)(500-1300)×(500-1200)mm
Wrap Height (Max)1800mm
Wrap Efficiency20-40 Pallets/hour
Rotary Speed0-15rpm Adjustable by Invertor
Film CarriagePower pre-Stretch system up to 350% with adjustable speed
Lift SystemLift speed adjustable
Control SystemPLC control,wrap layers adjustable,photo-eyes auto-height sensing
Safety SystemGrid guard and strike-proof protect system
Machine size (L×W×H)4300×2000×3500mm
Power VoltageRotary arm: 0.75kw film carriage: 0.37kw lift system: 0.37kw/AC380V
GP2000R Reel Wrap Machine with top plate


GP2000R is a semi-automatic wrapping system with a chain-driven design  to wrap round objects on steel block rollers while spinning the product on a turntable. This helps to  creates a “cocoon” type wrap pattern and provides a total and complete protection of the roll.

Wrap Size (L X W)Diameter: Ф(500-1500)mm
Breadth: 500-1600mm
Machine Size3200×2000×2200mm
Turntable Diameterφ2000 mm
Turntable Weight Capacity (Max)2000kg
Turntable Height460/530mm
Power Voltage380VAC/50HZ/20A
Total Weight1080kg
Wrap Efficiency20-40 Pallets/hour
Turntable Speed0-12rpm Adjustable
Film CarriagePower pre-Stretch system up to 350% with adjustbale speed
Control SystemPLC control,wrap layers adjustable
Pneunatic EjectionOptional
Top Plate SystemMotor Driven
Pneumatic System0.6-0.8MPa, 1000ml/min

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