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Single wall corrugated container boxes

A Single Wall Corrugated Box is made up much like a double walled box, however, it is made up of only three layers. The Single-Walled corrugated has two board layers of kraft lining and a single center fluted layer sandwiched between them. The main reason for the use of a single wall corrugated box is that it is far more flexible and cost-effective than its double-walled counterpart. Like the double walled box, a single-walled corrugated box is strong and able to carry products to suit your requirements.

In most cases, the taping of a box is as important to a boxes strength as the box itself. An incorrectly taped box will twist and buckle from lack of tape support. (SEE TAPES FOR MORE INFO.)

Board type is also an important choice when choosing a carton for your packaging requirements, giving strength and durability to your box. The strength or grammage of the kraft helps to dictate the weight that can be loaded into a box before it rips along seams due to the extreme excess stress imposed upon it.

It is for this reason that the correct carton must be used for the correct job, as a mistake now could cost you in the future. To give you an idea of prices depending upon size and fluting type, please enter the box size and what product you are packing. Please include the weight of the product (if available) and whether this box is needed for display or transport purposes.

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