Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions: Glenpak's Circular Approach towards Zero Waste

Glenpak is implementing bold, circular solutions to address the climate change crisis and unlock new pathways for systemic change in packaging and waste.  In response to this in 2023 we launched our 0% waste policy in collaboration with our suppliers and customers to promote environmentally responsible practices across the entire value chain.

At the core of our efforts is an advanced recycling plant occupying 400m² of space across six factories to manufacture, convert, and dry recycled materials. The plant has the capacity to recycle over 150 tons of used boards, boxes, papers, and various paper grades monthly. This includes recycling jumbo reels, rolls, ends reels, loose and bundled waste, with an impressive 98% conversion rate achieved in-house.

Glenpak also embarked on a waste reduction move achieving a 99.9% in-house recyclable waste process by minimizing waste sent to third-party and maintaining a strict 0% dumping policy.

Our commitment to environmentally responsible sourcing is highlighted by our achievement of a negative carbon footprint as recognized by the South Africa environmental scorecard. The company has not only met its past goal of a 0% carbon footprint but is setting new milestones for the future. The aim is to achieve the 99.9% zero waste objective by 2025, with a vision of reaching 100% by 2026.

We are acutely aware of the ecological consequences tied to excessive waste, carbon footprints, and unchecked packaging materials. That’s why we’ve integrated sustainable packaging into our fulfillment processes, offering used boxes, secondlife plastic and recycled materials as part of our solution.

What sets us apart is our ability to provide recycled, clean and thoughtfully selected bulk packaging products at unbeatable prices, with the aim of a lasting impact on consumers by honoring the sanctity of our planet with every eco-conscious choice they make.


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