Experts in small and large packaging and machinery

Glenpak CC was born in the landmark streets of Langlaagte on the edge of Johannesburg’s CBD. Over time, and due to rapid growth, Glenpak moved to Newtown in the heart of Johannesburg’s Arts and Culture Centre. After a further eight-year growth period, the company settled in larger, permanent premises in Gwigwi Mrwebi Street (ex-Pim), Newtown.

The founder, Mr. Glen Restall, built and expanded his dream into a dynamic and progressive company. Over the next 35 years, his sons and daughters have joined the company and the Packaging Family was conceived. Today, Glenpak is truly a family business and with this foundation, we have expanded our family to include all of our suppliers and customers.

Glenpak manufactures, supplies and deals with a vast selection of products, including items from nearly all fields pertaining to the packaging industry, e.g. plastic tubing and bags, corrugated paper, tapes, labels, and many types of packaging machines, etc.

Looking ahead, we have many new ventures and ideas to continue our fathers legacy. We look forward to becoming part of your business and helping you grow as we have.