Our new printer machine has arrived!

Glenpak prints both reel to reel, as well directly onto most flat soft paper product utilizing our flat deck flexographic printer.

 The  choice of machines vary from the  4-colour direct flat flex-o-printer for direct onto flat flexible or our 2-colour High speed REEL to REEL Model:

 The Flat deck flex-o-printer ,

is ideal for printing directly on to CARRY BAGS, PAPER BAGS, KRAFT BAGS, TRAYS, BOXES, PIZZA TRAYS, BOARD SHEETS, DIVIDERS, POLYWOVEN BAGS, HESSEIN BAGS, CARRY BAGS and many other flat type items.  

Limited between 1mm-20mm product thickness.

This machines has the ability to print small runs ranging around the  1000 bags or sheet a day to over 10 000 bags, this speed limited only on design, size and die changes.

The REEL to REEL Flex-o-printer ,

allows Glenpak to print with a food graded ink onto paper grades like  GREASEPROOF PAPER, NEWSPRINT PAPER, KRAFT PAPER, BOARDS or other paper TYPE products

The end product supplied back in either , reel form, sheeted (repeat)  or even counter or table rolls.

 For more information please contact GLENPAK for prices or specification ranges.