KZ900 High desk strapping machine.

The KZ900 semi-automatic strapping machine take polythese plastic strap as the binding material, which is mainly used in packaging and binding of paper cartons, wooden cases and paper parcels in sections of business, postal service, railway, banks, food medicine and publishing. High Speed and efficient. High quality saves time and strength. The machine can automatically conduct strap collecting, thermal sealing, cutting and full automatic stopping operation.

KZ900 Low desk version

KZ900 Low desk strapping machine.

Model KZ900 KZ900L
Strapping Speed 1.6 seconds/strap
Strapping band width 9 – 15mm
Strapping band thickness 0.7 – 1.1mm
Power 220V 250W
Weight 90kg 90kg
Size (L X W X H) 895 x 565 x 735mm 895 x 565 x 580mm
TP-1650 Pallet wrapping machine

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

  • PLC Control.
  • Photo-eye auto-height sensing pallet height.
  • Pre-stretch device feeding film automatically.
  • Pre-stretch can reach 250% to reduce film consumption.
  • Seperate top, bottom and up-down wrap counter options.
  • Film tension control adjustment on the panel.
  • Variable turntable speed, carriage up-down speed control.
  • Manual/Automatic exchangeable.


Model TP1650F
Wrapping Size (mm) L500-1100mm x W500-1200mm
Turntable Diameter ⌀1650mm (⌀1550mm – ⌀1800mm)
Turntable Height 85mm
Turntable Speed 1 – 12rpm
Turntable Loading Weight 2000kg
Wrapping Height 1000 – 1800mm
Stretch System 250 – 400% pre-stretch rate
Power Supply 220V 1.5kw
Machine Weight 700kgs
Optional Ramp/Top plate/2400-3000mm height/3 tons

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