Is Vacuum Sealing Worth it?

We got a Question from one of our customers and thought it might be good to share the answer with you. Rosa asked us “Is vacuum sealing worth it?”
Well, it all depends on the nature of the job at hand some are small like the Table top ones suitable for using at home and others like the chamber vacuum sealers are definitely more appropriate for industrial use. Whether you buy in bulk, freeze small portions for meal prep, vacuum sealing is worth it.
It helps most food from going stale as quickly as it would in a non-airtight container, and also helps prevent freezer burn, which affects taste and texture. Vacuum sealers are also helpful for sous vide cooking. It ensures a tight seal to prevent any liquid from entering the bag.

Are all vacuum sealers the same?
Vacuum sealers are not the same – they mostly differ in type.
For most home cooks, a handheld or table top sealer like the DZ-300A you get at Glenpak will get the job done. There are also chamber vacuum sealers that are primarily found in factories like meat packing, which are typically bigger, heavier and work faster than household versions.

Chamber vacuum sealers like the DZ 600 or the DZ 500 work by putting the bag of food inside the chamber and closing the lid to seal the bags. They can handle multiple bags at once and are also good for larger foods.
Since most home models provide similar results and features, it’s best to look for the model that fits best in your kitchen or industry,  has the settings that you need and includes vacuum sealer bags.